SEO Cardiff

Digipeak provides reliable & realistic SEO services In Cardiff, for all manner of websites. We won’t make unrealistic promises or carry out short cuts to get you short-lived results. Working with you we will put together a long term plan that will give you long lasting results.

The best strategy for increasing the number of people finding your website on the Internet is called Search Engine Optimisation, also known as SEO. Search engines generate over 80% of the traffic from users who are searching the Internet. In order to use this to your advantage, the pages on your website need to be optimized for search engines, so they recognise you as more relevant.

The main steps involved with SEO are:

Keyword/ Keyphrase Analysis

We will conduct research to find the most relevant keywords for your website. We will identify the popularity of each keyword, as well as the number of websites competing for it. This analysis will help us identify keywords that will increase targeted traffic to the website.

Sitemap optimisation 

Sitemaps are important for SEO as they help search engines to crawl the pages on your website. As part of our SEO service Cardiff, we will create a sitemap for your website.

Link Building Services

Having quality links to your website has become very important, as the relevancy algorithms used by most of the major search engines for determining how to rank your website will single out sites with poor quality backlinks, potentially causing your site to suffer.

Working with Google’s tools to enhance search position
We have a detailed understanding of the tools that Google provides to help users achieve visibility in search, namely:

We’ll set you up on them correctly or advise you on how to use them all to maximum effect.

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