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Having A Solid Strategy Works.

Stop Losing Customers to Your Competition.

You have been told more likely that it will take you paying an SEO company months, normally around 12/18 months to rank for major keywords that will bring you a lot of traffic.

I have a different system, its called Artificial intelligence SEO. AI Is a major “buzz word” right now in 2018. Digipeak is the first company to use in-house AI to rank customers like you, on the first page of google.

Why are you so confident?
I have ranked over 30 websites on the first page of google for big traffic keywords. I do do this by identifying your competitor’s backlinks and building better ones.

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In case we haven’t had a chance to meet…

Hi, I’m Jon.

I started SEO in 2008 and will have been doing SEO for nearly 10 years. I have worked with companies like Premier Foods (who own Mr Kipling, Ambrosia and use to own Cadbury) Sanyo (Now owned by Panasonic) I also ranked a website for “Pension Review” Beating the UK Pension service. I love working with all types of businesses and can adapt my strategy to your business.


I started Digipeak in 2015 after so many people asking me to do they’re SEO for them, as I was ranking my own websites with the strategies I have perfected over 9 years.

Building backlinks and using Artificial Intelligence for SEO is what I am known for, but I can also help you with Outreach services and creating Articles. Check out my videos on Youtube see how I can rank your website.


5 Points To Rank Your Website In 2018

Plus a bonus point for you WordPress website owners.

Client Stories

I Can Not Give Company Info, As I Respect All Of My Clients.

Client 1

My client was told by a big national SEO agency that they would not rank for this keyword within the £1,000 per month budget. It would cost them £4,000 Per month and would take 6 months to rank for it. So a total of £24,000 to rank for that keyword. After just 2 months and £3,400 I got them on the first page. Saving them whooping £20,600!

Client 2

Client 2 was scared, as previous SEO companies they have used seen a huge drop in rankings whenever Google Updated. I told them our rankings stay and don’t just drop. I told them that, yes, backlinks do come and go but its over time but we just need to keep building up the authority. After months of solid rankings in 2018, the client is super happy with the results we got them. Even increasing to them to the first page, even though we have see hundreds of Google updates.