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Digipeak Specialises In Artificial Intelligence SEO.

Get Ranking Faster Than Ever Before.

I Offer A Result-Driven Link Building Service.

Stop Losing Customers to Your Competition.

You have been told more likely that it will take you paying an SEO company months, normally around 12/18 months to rank for major keywords that will bring you a lot of traffic.

I have a different system, its called Artificial intelligence SEO. AI Is a major “buzz word” right now in 2018. Digipeak is the first company to use in-house AI to rank customers like you, on the first page of google.

Why are you so confident?
I have ranked over 30 websites on the first page of google for big traffic keywords. I do do this by identifying your competitor’s backlinks and building better ones.

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In case we haven’t had a chance to meet…
Hi, I’m Jon.

I started SEO in 2008 and will have been doing SEO for nearly 10 years. I have worked with companies like Premier Foods (who own Mr Kipling, Ambrosia and use to own Cadbury) Sanyo (Now owned by Panasonic) I also ranked a website for “Pension Review” Beating the UK Pension service. I love working with all types of businesses and can adapt my strategy to your business.


I started Digipeak in 2015 after so many people asking me to do they’re SEO for them, as I was ranking my own websites with the strategies I have perfected over 9 years.

Building backlinks and using Artificial Intelligence for SEO is what I am known for, but I can also help you with Outreach services and creating Articles. Check out my videos on Youtube see how I can rank your website.

These main things are key to ranking, backlinks have a vital part of making your website higher in the search engines. With
 my help, I can get you ranking within weeks.

5 Points To Rank Your Website In 2018

Plus a bonus point for you WordPress website owners.