SEO services – Why you need an SEO company in 2017

Whilst some other forms of marketing can change or even disappear over time, it looks like SEO is here to stay. This means, if you haven’t already thought about SEO for your business, then now may be the time.

Here at Digipeak we know that good SEO can really make or break the success of your business, which is why we work hard to offer the very best SEO services possible to our customers.

A daily change

The world of SEO is always improving and Google, the leader in the world of search engine results, is always looking at new ways to rate the millions and millions of websites that it holds within its search engine. Google uses Artificial Intelligence to run a whole host of daily updates, which makes the search results that you will see when you type in particular key words.

This means, just because one day you are not performing quite how you wanted, make a couple of changes and the next day you could see a huge improvement.

Changes to the Google Algorithm

As you can see, Google doesn’t like to sit stagnant when it comes to search engine results, in fact, it really likes to change things up a bit. In fact, it is thought that Google can change its algorithms as much as 500 times every year.

Of course, the majority of these changes are relatively minor and can go unnoticed, but there are also some that are much more major and could have an impact on how you sit on the rankings, and ultimately how well your SEO attempts actually work out.

Whilst it still remains unconfirmed the last major update the Google but in place was nicknamed “Fred”. It is thought that this came into force on March 8th 2017 and tackled those websites that have low-value content that does not focus on the users, only their revenue. However, Google have not confirmed that this particular update ever happened.

There were, however, two confirmed updates that both happened in the first week of February this year. The first change was on the 1st February and caused a huge change to the algorithm within Google, which then went on until the 6th February. Some people seem to think that this was all part of one extended roll-out, whilst others believe that they were separate changes.

The main aim of this particular update was to focus on being able to discount spam and links to up the performance of the algorithm.

There haven’t been any more major updates that we know of recently, but we are sure that it is only a matter of time before new ones pop up.

This means that in order to keep on top of your SEO, you will need an expert who is up to date on all these changes. Experts like us. So, if you need a helping hand with your SEO, why not get in touch with Digipeak and see what we can help you with?

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About Jonathon Forshaw, is the Director of Digipeak SEO. He is a Professional Nerd, Backlink Builder And SEO Consultant, running a number of sites from the UK. Connect with him on Twitter or LinkedIn.