Artificial Intelligence SEO

The Next Generation of Search Engine Optimisation Is Here.

We use Artificial Intelligence to rank your website higher in the search engines.

We use AI to calculate what we need to make your site rank in the search engines, ranking you faster than ever before. We have a 99% success rate of getting companies to the first page.

Our Artificial Intelligence (AI) Process

– We collect all of the top 4 competitors backlinks on the first page. This is sometimes, millions of links.
– We then correlate all of this data into a master file and add it to the Artificial Intelligence (AI) to process.
– In the time it takes us to read an email, all of that data has been crunched and is ready for forensic analysis.
– We ask the AI questions how we can gain competitive advantage. From domain authority to how old the backlinks are, using our years of experience in SEO we then create an internal report on how we are going to use this information on gaining you links to beat the competition

This whole process takes days not weeks. Previously we needed to do this manually, it took many weeks to do this.

Why do you need to find out about backlinks?

Backlinks account for your website rankings, in fact over 50%. We make this process much faster. As we know what backlinks are ranking the competition on the first page.

Your outreach campaign or Backlink building company will contact other websites for links and “Hopefully” get a backlink, which is going to rank you higher (fingers crossed!). This process is time-consuming as you will only get around 1-10 people to link back to you from your article. Also as you may be aware it costs thousands.

Our SEO strategy
– Get data
– Process it through the AI
– Create a strategy
– Build solid links

Ever been told it’s going to take months to rank and ££££’s of pounds?

Yes? Well, this is where our service can help you and your business. We can build thousands of links over days, weeks or months. Of course, we can’t build 2,000 links if your website is one month old! But we can drip feed them over 3/6 months, then after the authority of your website hits a good enough authority level, we can then push hundreds of links to your website and dominate the search engines.

AI SEO Starts from £2,500 Per Month – Email us: hello[at] for more info on how we can rank you.