Earn fantastic month commissions and a residual income.

Digipeak affiliate programme is an excellent way for you to earn commission and add more products to your services.

Not everyone can become an affiliate and we choose who we take on as an affiliate as you can earn upto 40% of the total Search engine optimisation spend per month.


Digipeak affiliate programme is an excellent way for your business to earn commission and offer more products to your customer’s. Digipeak¬†affiliate programme is suitable for SME that want to improve sales and business growth. If your business is approved then you will be legally bound by our term’s and conditions. When your account is set up we will email these to you along with a contract which must be signed and sent back with identification if required. All residual payment’s and commission must be paid in to a UK bank account with your business name as the account holder. Commission’s are payable 30 day’s in arrears in which time we set up the new customer product or service. You have the right to terminate your programme with us by giving us 30 day’s notice by letter failure to abide by this condition, we may not pay any commissions due to your business. For further info contact – affiliates@digipeak.co.uk