Mobile browsing experiences. They matter

We want to begin by driving home a message about your business in today’s online landscape…

63% of all website visits are on mobile.

So let us be clear: it’s no longer enough to ‘just’ have a responsive website. You need a website that adapts and transforms according to the screen it’s displayed upon. It must deliver easy interaction, immersive imagery, punchy copy – all according to the device. After all, the average mobile visitor is more time-crunched than their desktop browsing counterparts. They may have an array of distractions that surround them – like kids, the daily commute, noise, a TV – and much more besides.

All in all, you need a Mobile-Responsive Websites that grabs hold of their attention (nothing less will do).

As for the alternative? Well, without a made-for-mobile experience, you should expect as many as 30% of your visitors to abandon your site… never to be seen again.

If this hasn’t convinced you, consider our second important pointer: Google now expects websites to be mobile-friendly. Those that aren’t, can expect lower search engine positions. Ouch.

Now for a third commercial home truth…

Social media and intelligent digital marketing are mission-critical in today’s world.

After all, what’s the point in spending so long on getting your online experience right, if ZERO potential customers are driven to your digital doors.

Get Set to Gain a Boost in Digital Performance

Here’s a cold hard fact that all modern-day businesses must grasp: your website is the critical foundation of ALL your marketing efforts – online, offline, in-person.

We get it.

More to the point, we take the time to deeply understand your target market. We’ll dive into their buying journey – their cares, concerns, questions. Then, and only then, can we create an online experience that turns a stranger into a warm lead – considering every step of the journey, from search or social, all the way to check out or contact page.

At RCD we provide full-cycle digital services – website design, social media management, digital marketing. Discover how we can take aim at your target market – driving them to take action – to call, email or purchase there and then – all through powerful digital tools.